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Common troubleshooting methods of small yellow pump

The use of water pump is also a problem, sometimes just a few small problems, has not reached the point of maintenance, such problems we can solve.

First of all we have to solve is the small pump to start without water problems, possible reasons for this problem is the air in the pump or valve closed at the end with lax irrigation water, vacuum packing a serious leak, valve or door is not tightly closed. Check whether there is a foreign body, the existence of air, the exclusion of that can solve this problem.

The second is that when the pump starts, the pump doesn't rotate, probably because the packing is too tight, or the impeller and the pump body are jammed by debris, or the pump shaft, bearings, leakage, ring rust, or the pump shaft is seriously bent. According to these problems, it is much easier to wake up and solve the problem, remove it, remove debris, and solve the problem.

Third do not need to find fault maintenance department is to start after the lack of traffic, speed is not matching or belt slippage, low speed; axial flow pump blade installation angle is too small; lift; suction side; valve, pipe and impeller impeller partially plugged or cause serious defect; Water Leakage outlet pipe and other reasons, restore rated speed, remove grease belt, adjust the belt tension; adjust the blade angle to reduce the pump installed; water pump seal leakage, compression packing; plug removal and replacement of the impeller; replaced by leakage ring, plug at Water Leakage.



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