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Selection technique of garden humidifying pump model

Garden sprinkler irrigation is the use of water, artificial irrigation FOTILE waste time, waste of manpower, the garden is usually relatively large, or the use of water pump is more appropriate, garden humidification pump model should be how to choose?
Buy Garden moistening pump first put some parameters of the list, this is the understanding of water pump people will do, what kind of user is the most clear, first we look at the water flow is needed, as is usually the case in the process may be neglected in the piping system of leakage, but must influence on flow considering process variations. If the agricultural pump uses the open channel water conveyance, it must also consider the leakage and evaporation. Obviously, the garden humidifying pump is the latter.
This is the choice of bearing pressure in garden humidification pump, suction tank pressure, water pressure tank, the pressure drop in the pipeline system are used when the need to consider the issue.




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