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Maintenance scheme of water pump for car washer

Many people thought about using the pump after buying it, and it was easy to be ignored in maintenance. It also led to a significant reduction in life. Each device has its own maintenance method. Doing those works is also for car washing pumps with better efficiency.
The maintenance program of car washing water pump starts with the environment of use. Although the pump is closely related to water, its environmental requirements are dry, and the surface is kept clean. The inlet should not be impede by dust and fiber and affect the use.
Bearing is the key of car washing pump. The service life of bearing is limited. Sometimes it will affect the service life because of bearing. In the process of operation, if the bearing reaches the following value, the bearing should be replaced to ensure its service life.
The dismantling of motor is also a common problem encountered during the normal maintenance of car washing water pump. It is necessary to remove the replacement parts, replace them into new ones, or clean up the accessories, so as to provide a good working condition.
The above maintenance method is not difficult and can be used in the daily operation. The service life and performance of the water pump can be ensured by the maintenance work.



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