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Reasons for no water water pump

The car is often to be cleaned, it is convenient for general cleaning, not convenient to place the cleaning professional car wash, either way, need help to complete the washing pump, users can meet the situation of water when in use, the water pump on the suspect was not a problem, in fact, only some simple problems can be solved.
The car wash water pump contains gas and it will not appear water. At the beginning, it looks like it has been put out of gas, and no real gas has been discharged, resulting in a little air remaining in the inlet pipe or pump body.
Secondly, the packing of car washing water pump has been worn out or packed too loose for a long time, resulting in a large amount of water ejecting from the gap between the packing and the pump shaft sleeve. The result is that the external air enters the pump's internal part from these gaps, which affects the water lifting.
Another possibility is that the water inlet pipe connecting the water pump is damaged, and the air enters through this channel, causing no water. Finding the problem can solve the problem.



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