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Installation skills of water pump for car washer

After the pump is needed to install, after the installation can be officially put into use, the car washer pump installation is relatively simple, each part of the mutual connection, you can achieve the cleaning of the vehicle.
Install the car washer pump, like other pumps, installed in the ground strong and solid place, leaving space around for easy maintenance. The base is required to be smooth, so as to avoid shaking during the work, affect the use effect, and also avoid the failure.
In the car washing pump connecting pipe, the user can install the valve and vacuum gauge above the pump inlet, at any time to check its limit pressure. Connect the power supply according to the nameplate of the motor, connect the ground wire and install the fuse and thermal relay with suitable specifications. If the solenoid valve is installed, the valve and the car washer pump should act at the same time. According to the above skills installation, quickly complete the installation, as soon as possible to work.



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